EverQuote Leads FAQs

1. How are ‘EverQuote consumer leads’ different to other leads?

Higher Quality:

While most lead providers buy leads from other sources and then resell them to agents, EverQuote is an ‘original source’ lead generator. This means we acquire our consumers exclusively through our owned or operated auto insurance websites. This also means we know where the consumer came from, what type of insurance type they are seeking, and most importantly, we verify that the consumer is actively looking for auto insurance.

As a result, agents report close rates two to three times their normal rate.

2. How are EverQuote consumer leads generated?

At EverQuote, we take pride in generating all of our own leads through our owned and operated auto insurance websites, with all consumers pre-qualified through rigorous filters. This means we know where the consumer came from, what type of auto insurance they are seeking, and most importantly, validate that the consumer has indicated they are actively seeking an auto insurance quote.

How it works:

  1. Consumers come to one of our auto insurance websites when seeking auto insurance online, through sources including major search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc).
  2. Each consumer is then required to provide detailed, compulsory information regarding their driving history, status and insurance requirements. They must then explicitly confirm they are seeking an auto insurance quote.
  3. On completion, the consumer’s information is delivered in real-time to the agent(s) targeting that consumer profile and location.

EverQuote.com and usautoinsurancenow.com are examples of our auto insurance web properties. We encourage you to visit one of these sites in order to understand our unique consumer experience and rigorous filters we incorporate to validate the true intent of our consumers.

3. Can I target specific consumers (lead types) to match my business?

Yes. Agents achieve precise consumer targeting by selecting the territories and consumer profiles that accurately match their unique book of business. This means you spend less time chasing down leads and more time writing policies.

4. What types of consumer leads can I buy?

EverQuote offers the following four consumer lead types:

Risk Filter Premium Preferred Standard Non-Standard
Drivers Age 25 or above 25 or above 20 or above Any age
Insurance Status Currently insured Currently insured May be insured May be insured
Accidents No at-fault accidents No at-fault accidents No at-fault accidents May have at-fault accidents
Tickets Up to 1 ticket Up to 1 ticket Up to 2 tickets May have tickets
DUI and SR-22 No DUI or SR-22 No DUI or SR-22 No DUI or SR-22 May have DUI or SR-22
Homeowner Status Home owner May be a home owner May be a home owner May be a home owner
Credit – self-reported Excellent or good Any Any Any
5. Can I buy ‘exclusive’ leads?

Yes. An ‘exclusive’ lead is provided to one agent only, meaning you have no competition for that unique consumer lead, as no other agent will have access to that lead through the EverQuote platform. Leads not acquired on an exclusive basis may be provided to a maximum of 3 agents, (but only 1 agent per carrier). This way agents are not competing with other agents from the same carrier.

6. How much do leads cost?

Prices vary based on the lead type (consumer profile), and your eligibility for participation in the various subsidy programs.

For more detailed information on lead pricing, and the subsidy you may qualify for, please contact us:

tel: (844) 707-8800
email: sales@everquote.com

7. How do I receive EverQuote leads?

Our leads are delivered to you via email or to your lead management system. You choose.

8. Can I pause or cancel my account at any time?

Yes, while we hope you will be a long-term partner, there is no minimum period or spend when you work with us. We let our quality speak for itself. In the unlikely event you decide our lead quality does not work for your business, you may cancel your account immediately – no questions asked. Your unused account balance will be fully refunded.

Once you create an account, you will receive your unique account details, allowing you to easily customize your account settings in line with your business needs. You are able to change your: locations; lead delivery hours; lead volumes and target different lead types (consumer profiles). To cancel your account or speak to your account manager, call us at (844) 707-8800

9. How will credit requests be handled?

We provide a simple function on our EverQuote Leads platform to allow you to quickly process credit requests, by changing the lead status.

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality auto insurance consumer leads in the country. While current return rates (from agents nation-wide) average about 5%, we allow for up to 10%.

We are also sensitive to the unique experiences of our agents and will never prohibit the return of a lead that has been validated as bad by the EverQuote team. Any credit requests over 10% are reviewed by our quality team, on a case-by-case basis, and responded to appropriately.

10. How are payments made?

To allow you to remain in control of your budget, EverQuote operates a ‘pay as you go’ system. Credit cards are charged a set amount entered by the agent at sign-up. When your account balance falls below $25, your credit card will be automatically charged for the amount you have specified.

Should you choose to cancel your account, the remainder of your account balance will be fully refunded.

11. How do I get started?
  1. Create an Account:

    Go to pro.everquote.com and set up your account. It takes about 5 minutes and is real easy!

  2. Contact us:

    Whether you are a captive, exclusive or independent agent, we would be happy to provide you an estimate of consumer leads available in your territory, and answer questions you may have about how agents grow their book of business with our support.

    tel: (844) 707-8800
    email: sales@everquote.com

12. All other questions:

If you still have a few questions – please contact us. We’ll provide estimated lead volume and explain how agents customize their accounts to ensure exact consumer targeting and reduce their online ‘cost per acquisition’.

tel: (844) 707-8800
email: sales@everquote.com